Canadians Favor Fitness Over Finance

Over 1100 long-term GoodLife Fitness members affirm that the major factor which motivates people to exercise is the emotional boost or positive feelings which they get after exercising.

Over 33 percent of Canadians resolved to work on their nutrition and personal fitness states the Ipsos survey. The survey conducted by GoodLife Fitness states that 13 percent of natives resolved to dedicate more time to leisure and travel, 11 percent planned to give up their bad habits such as drinking or smoking and 10 percent would spend quality time with their friends and family.

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People are making wise choices when being active and eating well is considered. Their goal is to feel better overall.

Over half of Canadians affirm that pursuing wellness and health resolution improves their quality of life- prevents health risks, increases energy and so on. They are willing to make changes in their lifestyle to achieve nutrition and fitness goals. They plan to adopt a healthy meal plan and go for weight loss if needed. They are trying to become more active, either by spending more time outdoors, exercising or running with friends or by joining a gym.

These are some of the major steps which they are adopting for a healthy lifestyle. Whether it involves consulting a personal training Toronto, joining a fitness club, deciding a meal plan or planning to walk, they are all actively doing it. They are working to inculcate healthier habits in their everyday routine and they are even looking forward to guidance from personal training Toronto.

 To dig deeper into the reason which helps Canadians to stay excited to work out, the GoodLife Fitness conducted a survey among gym members and consulted their Personal trainer in Toronto and made some analysis. The main reason why people are driven towards exercising is an increase in energy, better mood, boost in their productivity and feeling of relaxation. Also, the people and community which encircles them when they go to the gym or walk are often their sources of motivation. Moreover, exercising makes you feel energetic, lively, younger and helps you enjoy a better quality of life- this could be a possible reason too acting as a motivation for exercise.

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About the research

Ipsos survey

On the pretext of GoodLife Fitness, Ipsos interviewed 1000 Canadians. To bring the demographics on the same level to make sure the composition of the sample consists of the adult population and to render intended outcomes, weighting was employed. Credibility interval measures the precision of online polls of Ipsos. The poll was accurate within +/- 3.5 percentage points.

GoodLife Fitness long-term member survey

Scott Leith conducted an online survey of long-term active members who worked at least a third of the month. The people were interrogated with open-ended and close-ended questions. The average age of the people was 45 and about a quarter of the people were 33. It was found that about 45 percent were male and 55 percent were female.